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Applications of parametric design tools in Horizon House

Tomorrow we will be presenting Horizon House at the Graduate School of Design as part of the program of ‘Innovate Talks’, introduced by the Chair of the Department of Architecture Iñaki Abalos and moderated by Professor Mark Mulligan. We will be explaining how the competition asked for a sustainable solution for a retreat in nature set in rural Hokkaido (Japan) and we envisioned a house built with re-used local materials.

In March of 2013, I created a simple Grasshopper model that allowed for geometric explorations but also provided a general overview of material needs. You can check out the definition and some of the iterations below, extracted from a report I submitted at the end of the Spring semester. In addition, I have attached some of our original construction drawings.

Want to know more about Horizon House? Go here and here

Applications of parametric design tools in Horizon House_Ana Garcia Puyol-Page5Applications of parametric design tools in Horizon House_Ana Garcia Puyol-Page10

MDesS Thesis mid-term review

This will be part of my thesis mid-term presentation on digital design and robotic manufacture of wooden reciprocal frame structures, which will take place next week. The digital workflow described is under development.I have made some tests using the robot and it seems to be going in the right direction. I will post pictures of the prototypes in the next few days.


Among other features of this workflow, the designer can access each larger ‘quad’, by using a path number that is the same of that of the original face it belonged to, while they can also retrieve the smaller configurations, which respond to the numbering of the vertices. More features coming soon!

Mesh topology studies

Snow piles up around Horizon House

Akiko Kubo, one of the the caretakers of the experimental houses built in the Memu Meadows, has shared the most recent status of Horizon House under the snow. We are very excited to see the evolution of this winter and getting up to 1.00 m of snow. This will cover the railroad-tie base, leaving the house ‘floating’ in the white landscape.

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Horizon House gets published in EL PAIS

Under the title of ‘Horizonte Sostenible‘, Anatxu Zabalbeascoa has written an article for the digital version of the Spanish newspaper EL PAIS as part of her blog ‘Del Tirador a la Ciudad’. You can read the whole article following the link above or clicking on the picture below.

Del Tirador a la Ciudad

Shinkenchiku magazine covers the opening of Horizon House

One of the members of the jury for the 3rd LIXIL International University Architectural Competition, Professor Darko Radovic from Keio University, has posted an entry on his blog  about the Japanese magazine Shinkenchiku featuring the opening of Horizon House. Click on the image to see more.


Diario SUR covers the construction of Horizon House

Diario SUR – the main newspaper in Malaga (Spain) – has published an article explaining how Carlos Cerezo and I – both born and raised in the city – studied Architecture in Spain, came to study a Master in Design Studies (MDesS) at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and got involved in a multidisciplinary team to participate in the competition and construction of Horizon House, a sustainable project in Japan.

Talento malagueño con sello Harvard

Coming soon…

Portfolio 2014

Horizon House under the snow

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Photo taken by Ms. Akiko Kubo

A morning at Horizon House

Thomas Sherman, Carlos Cerezo and I enjoying the beginning of the day at Horizon House.

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Opening of Horizon House

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