In April of 2013, a team of students at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University that I was a member of won the 3rd Lixil International University Architectural Competition to build a sustainable house in a rural area in Hokkaido, Japan. The group spent the summer in Tokyo to develop the project – named Horizon House – in collaboration with of the office of Kengo Kuma & Associates. The house was built by the end of November of the same year.

  • HH_exterior_3_houses_elevated_c_cerezo
  • HH_exterior_south_west_facade_a_puyol
  • HH_interior_view_living_space_stair_a_puyol
  • HH_interior_view_table__a_puyol
  • HH_interior_loft_woodstove_a_puyol
  • HH_exterior_north_east_facade_a_puyol