I am an architect (University of Malaga, Spain, 2011) with a focus on Design Technology (Master in Design Studies, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 2014).

I am a AR/VR Product Design Lead at Facebook out in California. I spent a year working on Social VR features and currently I am part of the VR Platform team, where I focus on productivity tools and on devising the future of work.

Formerly I was the Director of User Experience and Integration at IrisVR, a company bringing Virtual Reality to the building industry and based in NYC.

Before that, I worked as a Computational Designer at Thornton Tomasetti’s CORE studio, also in NYC. I specialized in creating plugins and workflows for Building Information Models (BIM).

Prior to moving to the US, I did architectural design and construction documentation for different offices in my hometown Malaga, and in Chicago, Munich and Tokyo.

When not drawing, scripting or building things, I can probably be spotted playing the piano. I travel as often as I can and try to visit a new country at least once a year.