Monthly Archives: February 2014

Snow piles up around Horizon House

Akiko Kubo, one of the the caretakers of the experimental houses built in the Memu Meadows, has shared the most recent status of Horizon House under the snow. We are very excited to see the evolution of this winter and getting up to 1.00 m of snow. This will cover the railroad-tie base, leaving the house ‘floating’ in the white landscape.

Go to Horizon House page.


Horizon House gets published in EL PAIS

Under the title of ‘Horizonte Sostenible‘, Anatxu Zabalbeascoa has written an article for the digital version of the Spanish newspaper EL PAIS as part of her blog ‘Del Tirador a la Ciudad’. You can read the whole article following the link above or clicking on the picture below.

Del Tirador a la Ciudad